Aug 082014


8th OCT 2014 – Ketu Grastha Chandra Grahanam 



Dear all
Pl read all timings in IST
Eclipse time:
Tomorrow there will be Ketu Grastha Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse) from 2.48 pm  to 6.09 pm Peak of the eclipse will be at 4.29pm.  happening in Revathi nakshatra.
Food restrictions:
So after 9.30 am no solid food should be taken. after 11.30 am no liquid should also be taken. No water consumption except for Achamanam (Mouth cleansing during rituals) after 1.45 pm. After 6.09 pm pl take bath and then only eat.
Bidadi & All Indian Temples – Hyderabad, Pondy, Chennai, Pudukkottai  will remain closed for puja/homa/services from 2.15 pm to 6.45 pm. Temple will be opened for services after 6.45 pm with Punyavachanam(purification ritual) followed by Shuddhi Abhishekam(Purification Sacred bath) to Moola Moorti – Swayambhu Nithyanandeshwara/their main deity  will happen after 6.45 pm followed by Sandhya Arati.
Penance during this time:
Please take bath after 2.48 pm when eclipse starts and engage yourself in japa as much as possible – as any japa done during this time will give crore times benfit during this time. Doing it in banks of river, sea or pond is the best facing east.  After elipse is over again take bath and wet your old clothes and wear only new one. Do not touch fresh clothes during the eclipse.
This eclipse time japa should not be done in temple.
It is a perfect time for initaition- deeksha.
Pregnant Women:
Pregnant women to stay in their private room – room totally closed WITHOUT ANY natural light peeping in.
Children below seven are exempted from the food restrictions, Lactating mothers can feed babies with milk.
Those who are born in Revathi, Pushya(poosam), Anuradha(Anusham), Uttarabhadra(Uttarattadhi), Poorvabhadra (Poorattadhi) and Chitra nakshatras get dosha (evil effect ) from this lunar eclipse and so need to do pariharam (remedial rituals)
Pariharam will be:
 write the following sloka in a palm leaf or paper and tie it on your forehead or keep it touched in your physical body from eclipse beginning till end and then give it away as a daanam (donation) to a brahmin with betel leaves, nuts, bananas, vastram, coconut and money of 11/101/etc. Also pl do chant the sloka as japa as much as possible during the eclipse time.
Yo’sow vajradharo devaha Aadityaanaam prabhur Mathaha |
Sahasranayanash Chandra-Grahapeedaam Vyapohathu ||
May that Indra who has Vajra – thunderbolt as weapon,, who is thousand-eyed, who is the head of all nine planets, – May that Indra clear away the inauspiciousness of and by the Moon.
Temples world-wide follow the same rituals and adjust your temple service timings according to your local time of eclipse.  Food restrictions for other zones – before 5 hrs of eclipse start stop solid food, Before 3 hrs stop liquid. One hr befoe stop water also. 
This is applicable only if the eclipse is visible in your zone.