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The legend of Skanda:

Skanda is the son of Lord Shiva. Tortured by the demon Tarakasura, all the devas- the demi gods went to Brahma, the creator and aired their grievance to him. Brahma said, “ But, my children! Since Tarakasura has pleased me and got my grace through intense penance, I can not help the situation. Only a son born to Shiva can solve your problem. So go, do the needful to please Shiva.”

All the Devas headed by Indra, the King of all Devas went to Kailasa to please Shiva. But to their dismay Shiva was absorbed in Samadhi. Nobody dared to disturb the Samadhi of Lord Shiva. Seeing the plight of Devas, Devi Parvati – the compassionate Mother of the Universe agreed to go in for deep meditation to attract the attention of Shiva. Manmatha, the Cupid decided to go in for a suicidal mission by disturbing Shiva’s Samadhi by creating fantasy in Shiva’s bio-memory. ( “Manmatha”  in Sanskrit means the one who churns the mind)

As per the plans,  Manmatha shot his arrow of fantasy on Shiva. Shiva being the greatest Enlightened Master, came out of His Samadhi and opened his third eye – the eye of wisdom when the fantasy arose. Sparkling fire of Enlightenment started coming from Shiva’s third eye. No one was able to bear that. Immediately not only the fantasy was burnt away by his Enlightening fire, but also the Manmatha’s body was burnt into ashes. That is why Manmatha is called Ananga- the bodiless. The sparks of Enlightenment also fell into the mouth of Agni, who being unable to bear it threw  it onto river Ganga. Ma Ganga was also unable to bear it and she thew it on to a reed forest- Sara Vana. The sparks fell on to six lotuses on a pond in the Sara Vana. The sparks at once became six Divine babies. The Krithika damsels who represent the six stars of the Krithika costellation nursed those babies. When Devi Parvati came and gathered those babies, the child became a six-headed God. This Divine child is Skanda. Since he was nursed by Krithika damsels, he is called Karthikeya. Since he has six faces he is called Shanmukha. Since he is born out of the Sara Vana, he is called Saravanabhava. In South India he is fondly called as Lord Muruga. Muruga in Tamil means the gracefully beautiful one.

Lord Skanda is born of Divine Consciousness. Mother Parvati gave him the Shaktyaayudha aka Shaktivel- the Divine spear. He was made the General of Deva’s Army. He raged war against the demons Simhamukha, Surapadma and Tarakasura and fought with them for six days and killed them on the sixth day after the Deepawali day thereby fulfilling his mission of landing on planet Earth.

This day is called the Skanda Shashti day. As an award for helping the Devas, Indra, the king of Devas gave away his daughter Devasena in marriage to Skanda.

In the Bhagawad Gita Lord Krishna says, “ I am Skanda among all the Army Generals.” Subrahmanya aka Skanda and Muruga is the deity of Svadhishtana charka. He represents velour. The Svadhishtana Chakra gets disturbed by fear. Fear when faced consciously, opens up the Svadhishtana Chakra. When fear is not faced consciously, it becomes a fear stroke thereby damaging the energy flow in the Svadhishtana Chakra. The Shaktivel in Subrahmanya’s hands represent the awareness with which the fear is to be faced.

In the Murugan Temples of South India, even today Skanda Shashti is celebrated in a great way with full of festivity on all the six days and with the Celestial wedding ceremony on the seventh day. Devotees would do penance on all the six days for fulfilling their vows.

In Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Bidadi Ashram’s Nithyanandeshwara Temple, we would be observing Skanda Shashti Brahmotsavam from October 26-November 1 of 2011. There will be special alankars for Subrahmanya on all seven days. Daily Shatrusamhara trishati archana will be done to Subrahmanya for destruction of all evils.  On Oct 31st there will be Soora Samharam festival wherein the slaying of Soorapadma by Lord Subrahmanya will be depicted dramatically. The final day there will be celestial wedding of Subrahmanaya and Devasena. All these will happen in the energy field and in the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda!!!

During this Brahmotsavam, homas, pujas, archanas and other sevas in an intense energy field are made available for the devotees to harness Subrahmanya’s energy and become rich, wealthy, healthy, courageous and get Enlightened by His grace.

Offerings available :

Vedic saying – “Whatever you offer to the Divine, comes back to you a thousand fold”


Shatrusamhara Trishati Homa – 29th Oct 

Shatru samhara trishati is a very powerful set of 300 names of Subrahmanya with very powerful bija mantras. Offering homa with this destroys all enemies – internal and external and all black magic and all negativitie energies only because of which our health comes  down our financial wellbeing goes down and even relationships experience a friction.  The homa makes sure that the effect of the homa  not only reaches you quickly but also stays with you for lives to come.

Kalyanotsavam – 30th Oct 
Kalyanotsavam is the celestial wedding ceremony done to Subrahmanya and his consort. Offering Kalyanotsavam to Deities would clear all hurdles which are in the way for the marriages at home. All auspiciousness will be showered on the family.

Thomala Seva – 24 to 30th Oct
Thomala Seva is Thoditta mala Seva. It is the offering of flower garlands to the Deity. Flowers represent thoughts. Offering of Thomala Seva is offering all our thoughts at His feet so that we experience a clear mind. This is traditionally offered for peace in mind and to get rid of stress and have sweet relationships.

Soora Samharam – 29th Oct 
Soora Samharam is the slaying ceremony of Soorapadma, Tarakasura and Simhamukha. In all the Subrahmanya temples this event will be the highlight of the day. People would throng the temples to have glimpse of this for, even having the glimpse of Subrahmanya slaying the demons eradicates all the negativities that prevail in our inner and outer space.  Participating in this event brings immense healing in the physical and mental level.

Abhishekam for Subrahmanya – 30th Oct pus
Abhishekam is the sacred bath done to any deity. The Abhishekam done on the next day of Skand Shashti will include the abhishekam of the energized water from the pot in which Skanda is installed. All the energy created by the pujas on all the six days will be stored in the water stored in the pot. Follwing this,  abhishekam with different materials will be done. The scriptures quote different benefits for different kinds of Abhisheka materials. To mention a few materials – milk, vibhooti, curd, panchamritam, etc.

Abharana Seva 24 to 30th Oct
Abharana seva is the offering of golden ornaments to the Lord. This Seva is performed to attract wealth.

Vastralankara Seva  24 to 30th Oct
Vastralankara Seva is the offering of clothes to the Lord. Offering Vastralankara Seva blesses the whole family with abundant joy and mental peace.


Would it not be nice if you too were a part of this Skanda Shashti Brahmotsava? Come, offer with devotion and receive the blessings of Subrahmanya in the presence of Paramahamsa Nithyananda…!!!.



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