Aug 082014

Kalabhairava Archana

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 Destroy all negative influences 

 Receive blessings for mystical powers

 Be healed of nervous disorders -

 Receive all material benefits

 Receive blessings for Enlightenment

Kalabhairava is the form of Lord Shiva who bestows upon us a very powerful protection from all

kinds of perils in life. “Kala” means black or time. “Bhairava” means the terrifying one. Kalabhairava

is depicted in the scriptures to be having a dark complexion and to be terrific towards all the evils

and negative forces. Kalabhairava is the Lord of Time. He takes care of the maintenance of the

Dharma – the honesty and authenticity. He protects all the devotees and bestows upon them all

great mystical powers. Kalbhairava is the deity of esoteric powers. Kalabhairava rules the nervous

system in the human body. So He heals all the nervous disorders. The power and compassion of

Kalbhairava is such that the feet dust of Kalbhairava itself can liberate people and bestow

Enlightenment itself. Kalabhairav is the king of the city of Varanasi aka Kashi – the city of Lord Shiva.

The Kalabhairavashtakam written by the great incarnation Sri Shankaracharya describes

Kalabhairava to be the bestower of fame and all the worldly pleasures and the Supreme bliss.

In Shiva temples Kalabhairava is installed near the entrance of the temple, for He is the Kshetra

Palaka – the protector of the energy filed. In Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Bidadi Ashram also

Swamiji has installed the Kalabhairava near the main entrance of the Ashram.

Ashtami is the day when the eight phase of moon is there. Ashtami is one of the best days to

worship Lord Kalabhairava and receive His blessings.The next Ashtami falls on 14th of Nov 2014. On

that day night at 7 pm we will be performing a Puja to Kalabhairava and perform an archana to Kalabhairava to receive His grace and blessings and protection.


Archana is a brief puja done to a Deity wherein the deity is worshipped with different names each

name describing a specific quality of the Deity. At the end of each name the sacred word “Namaha “

will be chanted. “Namaha” in Sanskrit means not me, not mine and salutations. The scriptures

mention that the devotee receives all the qualities of the Deity who is worshipped and whenever the

mantra namaha is chanted in the puja, we surrender all our wishes and prayers at the feet of the

Deity thereby allowing the Deity to work on us and make the wishes/prayers that are offered at the

feet of the Lord as a reality in our life.


Now you too can offer this Kalabhairava Archana and receive the grace and blessings of Kalabhairava

 To offer Kalabhairava Archana on Nov 14th 2014, pl email to on or before Nov 14th.