Mar 172014

“When a priest does a puja it is a request for Gods. When an Incarnation does a puja/homa it is an order for the Gods” – H H Paramahamsa Nithyananda


How great if some body can order the Gods to fulfil your prayers! Yes, On Guru Purnima Swamiji is going to perform Rudrabhishkem to the 21 feet Nithyananda Linga in Vaidya Sarovar in Bidadi.

When a priest performs a puja or homa or abhishekam it is a request to Gods to receive the puja and fulfill the prayers of those who offer the puja. Whereas when an Incarnation performs the same it is a direct order to Gods to receive the same and fulfill the prayers.
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Rudrabhishekam is a very favourite puja for Swamiji. Rudrabhishekam is the offereing of the sacred bath to Lord Shiva along with the powerful chants of Sri Rudram and Chamakam.
Rudrabhishekam creates a space for your reality to be caused through the pure advaitic space of Lord Shiva. It clears all that is not advaita in you for that reality to be caused and causes your reality. It is like giving an intra venous injection of glocose. It acts immediately.

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About Sri Rudram & Chamakam
The Vedic hymn that extols Lord Rudra is called the Rudra Prashna. Rudra Prashna is also called the Rudradhyaya, the Shatharudriyam or Sri Rudram.  This Sri Rudram is found in the mid portion of the Taittiriya Krishna Yajur Veda. Sri Rudram depicts Lord Shiva’s Cosmic form. Sri Rudram is also called the Namakam. Namakam literally means the hymn which is made of Namaha. Namaha in Sanskrit has two meanings. One is “Salutations” and the other is “Not mine”. Every time when you utter the word Namaha, actually the patterns and karmas get detached from you and get rid of the spell of patterns and karmas. It is said that chanting of Sri Rudram is a direct way to Enlightenment.
There is one more speciality of Sri Rudram. It contains the most sacred five-syllabled Shiva Panchakshari – the “Nama Shivaya” mantra. “Shiva” means Causeless Auspiciousness. The chanting of Sri Rudram fills our lives with causeless auspiciousness. Chamakam is the Vedic prayer to fulfil all our wishes. Chamakam is always chanted after Sri Rudram. By chanting Sri Rudram, the negativity and deep-rooted patterns are removed from us. As a result, a beautiful space is created in us for a new life. Through the power of Chamakam which prays for all the auspicious things to be in our life, our true desires are fulfilled leading us more and more towards a fulfilled life which is Living Enlightenment.

Rudra Homa is the sacred powerful way of prayer in which oblations are offered to the chant of Sri Rudra. Rudrabhisheka is the sacred bath to Lord Shiva – Nithyanandeshwara  Register Now